That’s right, dust off your ugly sweaters and festive duds. This holiday season we are seeing friends and relatives again at parties and gatherings. While we certainly wouldn’t begrudge you for Zooming in, this post is meant for those who brave the frigid conditions to make it. When it comes time to enjoy the holiday season with loved ones, what dish are you bringing to share? Or if you’re the host, what are you serving? If you’re having trouble deciding or need a little inspiration, this article is for you.

Holiday Centerpiece

Every good holiday party has a centerpiece, and at the best parties, those centerpieces are edible. Below are two of our top edible centerpiece choices – obviously skewed towards turkey. These edible works of art will add the perfect bit of festive fun to make your spread really pop. Did we mention they also turn out absolutely delicious?

Turkey Cookies

Always fun and festive, turkey cookies will bring a smile to any kid or kid-at-heart.

Turkey Shaped Bread Loaf

This is a new one for us, but we are confident that your guests will fall in loaf with this centerpiece.

Creative Cocktails

We know you were thinking about it, too. How are we going to get ready to see all these people again in one crowded room? We’ll let a little liquid encouragement ease you into the holiday spirit. While these next drinks are certainly only available to partygoers with a valid ID, we think they’ll have your guests talking all year about the best holiday gathering of the season.

The Frozen Turkey Cocktail

Cold enough for you? Have this dessert-style turkey cocktail at the ready after the food is put away. The perfect sweet treat after a few plates of bite-sized turkey apps. Warning: This cocktail is delicious and will cause brain freeze if consumed too quickly. You have been warned.

Turkey and Sage Cocktail

The last drink may have been just right for after dinner, but we think you’ll find this cocktail to be the perfect addition to appetizer hour. With rich, savory notes produced by the sage and pumpkin butter, this cocktail is a refreshing, complementary pairing to your hors d’oeuvres.

Festive Food

Come on, you didn’t really think we’d end this out without adding a few delicious and more importantly, bite-sized turkey dishes, did you? We’re here to bring the turkey, and that’s exactly what we did. Check out these instant-classic holiday party turkey recipes below.

Turkey and Smoked Cheddar Croquettes with Smoked Tomato Sauce

The croquette, or croqueta as they are known in Spain, is the quintessential party dish. These flavor-packed poppable appetizers were made to be shared with large groups just like the one you’re having over. The croqueta is one of the most common tapas dishes in Spain. Ain’t no party like a holiday tapas party. But wait, there’s more! Try them with a delicious smoked tomato sauce.

Turkey Party Meatballs

These are a no-brainer for any party. Easy to dip, hold while you sip and all-around delicious. Nothing says party like a meatball tray, and luckily for you, these meatballs are light enough to not weigh any guests down who typically stay a little too long. Whatever dip you choose, make sure these are on your table, because your guests will make sure they disappear. Pro-tip: pop these into a mini roll with some marinara and mozzarella for the perfect one-bite meatball sub!

We hope your holiday party is a smashing success not only due to these creative additions but because of the love and joy that these sorts of occasions inspire. Don’t just take our word for it. Try these recommendations and see just how much jingle they add to your holiday season mingle.

Looking for more holiday party inspiration? Check out these fantastic party recipes below:

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