In need of a recipe refresh for back to school? Take your lunch prep skills to the next level with this quick class, Back To School Lunch Essentials: The Turkey Sandwich. Easy to batch recipes for parents and guardians who want the best-tasting and most nutritious options that keep hunger out of the equation. This post focuses on three sandwich recipes that’ll appeal to any kid and quell any complaints about the same old school lunch. These sandwich classes are broken down into classic turkey sandwiches, bold turkey sandwiches and extra healthy turkey sandwiches. Give our back to school sandwich guide a spin and get ready for a full report on how they were the envy of the lunchroom.


A tried and true rendition of an American classic. This turkey sandwich earns top marks in flavor and is so easy to prep. There’s plenty of merit to sandwiches with more outside-the-box ingredients, but sometimes that’s not what kids are craving. When only a classic will do, make sure they get a Classic Turkey Sandwich in their lunch.

Classic Turkey Sandwich


For those that go bold, pack a sandwich that excites in their lunchbox. Have a kid that always wants to try something new? Try this recipe for Grilled Turkey Banh Mi Sandwiches with big flavors and enough crunchy veggies that you’ll feel good about sending them off to school with this lunch.

grilled turkey banh mi sandwiches
Grilled Turkey Banh Mi Sandwiches

Extra Healthy

Even though both of the above sandwiches are nutritious, we have an option that checks boxes for veggie lovers and carb-conscious eaters. Healthy certainly does not have to mean boring. In fact, this turkey sandwich (technically a wrap) has maximum flavor potential rolled into a crave-worthy, fun lunch that they’ll ask for time and again. Turkey Collard Green Wraps are a creative way to pack in the veggies while maintaining a high level of fun with every bite. Collard green leaf too much? Try subbing it out with pita bread!

Turkey Collard Green Wraps

Choose turkey to give them a nutrient-dense boost to finish their day. Did you know that in addition to being naturally low in fat, turkey is rich in brain-healthy nutrients like iron, zinc and chromium? Consider trying turkey for your little one’s school lunch prep and maybe save a sandwich for yourself as well!

Thanks for attending Back To School Essentials: The Turkey Sandwich. We hope you have a great year!