fried turkey sandwich
Fried Turkey Sandwich by Macheesmo

August is National Sandwich Month, and while turkey can be served in a variety of ways, nothing quite stacks up to the comfort of a delicious turkey sandwich. Before you protest, making the perfect sandwich is much more than simply slapping ingredients together between two slices of bread.

Much like an architect designs a structure, sandwich-lovers know that flavor, convenience and satisfaction are key ingredients to making the most of what’s on your plate. Turkey’s versatility makes it the perfect foundation for your wildest [sand]wishes.

From a golden-brown fried turkey sandwich or a classic grilled TLT to baked Hawaiian turkey sliders or nostalgic turkey sloppy joes, the options are endless to bring the flavor when it comes to handhelds. The only limitation is your imagination…and how wide you can open your mouth!

Sloppy joe turkey sandwich
Taco turkey sloppy joes by Meg’s Everyday Indulgence

Turkey sandwiches are also quick and easy to make. Deli sliced turkey can be easily layered for a more classic approach to a lunchtime favorite, and reheated turkey leftovers also make a great base for your choice of toppings. For the more experienced foodie, don’t be afraid to break out the griddle to get a little toasting action and extra crunch!

Perfect any time of day, turkey sandwiches are sure to satisfy hunger (and cravings) without sacrificing nutritional value. Loaded with lean protein and essential vitamins and nutrients, turkey leaves you feeling fuller longer and provides energy to last through the day.

Since there’s really no debate that turkey sandwiches are…well…the best thing since sliced bread, we’ll leave you with a parting thought. Everyone cuts their sandwiches diagonally, right?