Step right up. If you’ve got ground turkey questions, we’ve got answers.

Can we say just how much we love ground turkey? It’s such a versatile product that tastes great and has become an increasingly popular choice for mealtimes. And if you’re looking for a product that’s easily adaptable, low in fat and high in protein, then you can’t go wrong with ground turkey. Not that we’re partial or anything…

turkey chili con queso
Turkey Chili con Queso

Ground turkey can easily be substituted for ground beef and other ground meats in recipes for a healthier take on your favorite dishes. Plus, ground turkey is widely available in grocery stores. So, try it in your favorite burger, chili, stuffed peppers, meatballs and sloppy joes – oh, and did we mention queso?

But if you’ve ever taken a second to peruse the meat case, you’ve probably noticed a few different options. Dark or white meat, 85/15 or 93/7? What does it all mean? You can rest easy knowing that any option you pick will make for a delicious meal! Nevertheless, we’re here to help break it all down.

What are the different types of ground turkey?

Various options are available depending on your flavor and health preferences. Ground turkey that is “93/7” means the product is 93 percent lean and 7 percent fat. Other popular products are 85/15, 90/10, 98/2 or 99/1. The leaner the product, the larger the first number listed.

Ground turkey can also be a combination of white meat and dark meat. Some stores may offer a product that is solely dark meat. Check the packaging to determine the products used.

Can’t find what you need? Head to the meat counter! There may be other freshly ground options available, or the meat department butchers might be able to customize a special blend based on your needs.

Here are a few tips from The Kitchn about cooking with ground turkey.

How do I store it?

Unopened raw ground turkey should be stored in the refrigerator at 40°F or lower. The product will generally last 2-3 days if stored properly. Reference the date on the package. Make sure to store raw meat on the lowest level of your refrigerator, preferably in a bag or other container in case the product leaks. You’ll want to freeze your ground turkey if you do not plan to use it within that time frame.

How do I safely prepare ground turkey?

Before you get cooking, check out these ground turkey food safety tips. It’s important to remember to wash your hands and sanitize surfaces after handling raw ground turkey. Use separate utensils and containers for your raw turkey than the finished product. And don’t forget that a digital meat thermometer is key to ensuring your turkey reaches 165°F!

Now that you know the basics, make sure to add ground turkey to your shopping list! You won’t be disappointed with this convenient, flavorful and nutritious protein option.