Whether you’re heading out for a hike, or packing up lunch for a picnic, camp, work or school, you can avoid a soggy, subpar situation with these tips to help you stack, wrap and pack a terrific turkey sandwich that’ll still taste great hours after it was made.

Consider the bread…

  • Crusty breads like rolls, ciabatta and baguettes keep their texture and structure best.
  • Toasting your bread will increase the longevity of the sandwich, especially if you’re using bread sliced from a loaf.
  • Skip the carbs and wrap your sandwich in a large collard green leaf…here’s a recipe so you can give it a try.
Use a whole baguette to build your sandwich. Slice it into individual servings.

Prep your ingredients…

  • Start with cooled or chilled ingredients and your sandwich will stay fresher and crisper longer…never use hot ingredients when preparing a sandwich for the road.
  • Save time by prepping everything beforehand and creating a sandwich-building assembly line for maximum efficiency.
  • Make sure your ingredients are as dry as possible…beads of water on your lettuce may make it look fresh, but on your sandwich, they’ll make everything soggy.
  • Simplify your sandwich-build by using a whole baguette and assembling one large sandwich that you can cut into the number of servings you need.

Layer with intention…

  • To keep your bread dry and crunchy, use greens as the first layer of your sandwich…they’ll protect the bread from juicier ingredients like tomatoes.
  • Adding condiments towards the middle of the sandwich also prevents soggy bread syndrome.

Packing to go….

  • Wrap sandwiches in parchment paper, colorful deli paper or wax paper so excess moisture can escape and your sandwich stays intact. If you’re looking to perfect your wrapping game, check out this technique.
  • Wrap your finished sandwiches in reusable materials like a tea towel, bandana or cloth napkin and secure it with a piece of kitchen twine or rubber bands.

However your turkey sandwich comes together, the most important part is to enjoy it!