turkey chili con queso homegating appetizer
Turkey Chili con Queso

Whether you’re rooting for red or blue, green or gold, fans are the lifeblood of football. But it’s not just what happens on the gridiron that gets people hyped up for the football season. From the food and drinks to the festivities in between, tailgating is all part of the experience…some might even call it a lifestyle!

However, there’s no need to throw a flag on the play of tailgating culture when you can’t make it to the game in person. Celebrating victories (or mourning losses) from the the comfort of your living room doesn’t have to be so unfortunate, especially for the fans who hate lines at the concession stand.  

Homegating, or rolling out the game day food and drink spread from home, has gained in popularity, giving loyal fans an alternative to large stadiums and crowded sporting venues. But for the season ticket holder who’s too superstitious to consider upsetting their game day traditions, we’ll take homegating under review.

No wait at the restroom. No post-game traffic. A fully stocked cooler. Delicious game day snacks. The call looks good, but let’s zoom in on those snacks…

Buffalo turkey taquitos and dip
Buffalo Turkey Taquitos

When it comes to whipping up turkey dishes as game day appetizers at your homegate, there’s no shortage of combos or cuts to choose from. Because turkey naturally drinks in the flavors around it, it is a perfect vessel for your choice of sauce, marinade or seasoning. And while your pal is in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on their “special dip,” check out a few of our fan favorites worth a try:

Bringing your favorite game day flavors home is just one way to feel close to fellow fans, and who knows, you might even establish some new away game traditions. After further review, the ruling on the field stands. Homegating is a touchdown!

For more ideas on how to show some extra team spirit at your homegating experience, check out this list of tips.

So, get your turkey snack game on, pack a cooler and enjoy that un-obstructed view of the field, superfan. (For those who are just there for the commercials, we see you, too!)