To celebrate the change of season, we’ve gathered the top recipes to help you spring into fresh flavors. Some of our favorite springtime events are picnics, backyard dinners and garden parties. While each of these call for their own unique menu, the food served should share a few common characteristics. Spring flavors should be bright and bold to match the weather. It’s also important to serve your guests something on the lighter side to provide ample time for fun in the sun. Here are a few ideas to put your Spring plans in bloom:

The Picnic

Who doesn’t love a picnic? There’s nothing like spreading a blanket out in your favorite park or open space, especially if turkey is involved. Our top three recipes for picnics have a few shared traits, the main one being portability. You need a dish that not only travels well but requires little cleanup or use of utensils. These perfect picnic meals keep it light and easy while leaving a messy cleanup out of the equation.

The Backyard Dinner

Fire up the grill because we are doing dinner outdoors! A backyard dinner could be for two or 20, so it’s important to have a recipe that can be doubled or even tripled to feed your hungry guests. We recommend using the grill for your backyard dinner as it gives you more time to interact with your guests, and a chance to show off your skills a little, too. Check out these sure-fire grilled dishes that lend themselves to outdoor eating.

The Garden Party

The garden party is the perfect time to display your gardening and party planning prowess. Let us guide you towards a few dishes that have the perfect traits for this occasion. Those characteristics include being handheld, delicious and extra classy. Luckily for you, we have just the recipes to make your soiree go off without a hitch! Take a gander at the garden party must-haves below.